Tearing Problems/Lacrimol System Problems

Lisa A. Mansueto, M.D.

I. Etiologies

     A. Ocular irritation - dry eye syndrome, inflamed pterygium, corneal foreign body, trichiasis

     B. Ectropion/Entropion – eyelid malposition

     C. Lacrimal System Blockage - puncta, canaliculus, or nasolacrimal duct
        1. Punctal Stenosis - long term glaucoma medications, chemical burns, iatrogenic
        2. Canalicular Stenosis - chemotherapy, trauma, glaucoma medications, herpes simplex
        3. Nasolacrimal Duct Stenosis - in children, congenital imperforate Valve of Hasner; in adults, trauma, chronic infections, chronic inflammation, unknown etiology

     D. Traumatic injury to face, eyelid, or nose damaging tear drain system

     E. Nasal Pathology - tumors, trauma, sinus surgery, and allergic rhinitis can cause tearing problems